Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs are only words to explain areas that are waiting for us to explore  and learn from them.  Just because we didn’t learn it from growing up, our environment, or even our schooling; doesn’t mean it is not out there.  Rather than accepting the thoughts and conclusions of others, we now can easily access the facts that have been published.  Especially relevant, the Internet has evolved.  Because the Internet has provided the Information Super Highway we can easily explore and learn.  Either discover that you agree with the standard explanation for Spirituality of find your own way to improve and grow into the best you possible.

spiritualityNumerologist: Numbers are Science Our Obsession with Mathematics, Geometry and the realization of how all things are connected has reached high numbers of people.  Even though the phenomena has not been recorded in history for thousands of years.  Most noteworthy, everything connects. Isn’t it fascination that numbers are the base language of it all.  Learn how the numbers relate to everything around us.  Curious?  See it all here:

Total Money Magnetism: Live your Destiny Amazing Reveal is just a click away… Earn all the money you need and desire… Have all the success you need and desire…  It is always what we think that we become.  The very power of a single thought is as powerful as the Universe Around Us.  Tap Into what others already know and use everyday.  Is Financial Security connected to your Spirituality?  See how to Live your Destiny Here:

Spirituality – what is that to you?  Maybe you feel a connection to the Universe?  Many of our religions teach us that there is just one GOD.  Therefore you believe  it, right?  Is it God who keeps everything arranged and maintained in an organized manner?

Listen to your Inner Guidance

Listen to your surroundings.  Trust in your intelligence.  First of all, do you really think one super being controls the way the entire universe operates?  While you respect many different professions allow yourself to question their core beliefs?  Furthermore, ask yourself if it often seems like there are people who desire to control us.  A conclusion might be that they are just feeding us the “truths” they would have us believe?  Do our priests and pastors or ministers try to keep us from questioning what we have been conditioned to think?  Question the “beliefs” that are handed to you in classes.  In addition, question why these are classes where your presence is mandatory? Determine what you Believe as Your Right!

Importantly, think for yourself.  Don’t worry that, as a consequence, you may be ousted from familiar circles of family or friends or, most definitely, of your church community.  Where do you go with it all; where do you find the inner peace of truth for you?  Do you believe that Religion plays an all important role in your life?  As the opposite of acceptance without questioning, discover what you really believe.  Determine this for yourself.  Discover your own truths.  Take back your power, your control. Reclaim your power as you learn more about the topics of belief, religion and spirituality.

Grow, learn and find the truths out there for you.  Use the Internet and soar and learn.  Throw out the beliefs that aren’t your own.  In conclusion, give yourself the permission to explore and determine your own spirituality!