Spelling Bee Toolbox

Get Ready for a Great Spelling Bee

Every school hosts a spelling bee.Spelling Bee Toolbox

It’s a great experience for the students.  It’s a great learning tool for any level!

Are you organizing a spelling bee for your school?  This Spelling Bee Toolbox is exactly what you need!  With this E-Book, you’ll find all the resources you need to have a smooth, successful and fun experience with your Spelling Bee!

There is a separate E-Book for Grades 3-5 and another for Grades 6-8.  If you need one for Grades 1-2 you’ll find a link for that when you go to the site here.  A Spelling Bee is meant to be an exciting activity for your students as well as a learning experience.  You want it to run smoothly.  All the information, the forms you’ll need, detailed instructions and scoring materials are at your disposal with this resource.

Spelling Bee Toolbox A list of grade-appropriate list of words is included so that the students can study ahead of the eventful day!  You can copy any of the pages anytime for your staff and students.  The generous copyright allows you to use one book for your entire building!  That is fantastic and such a plus saving time and money!

Your students love to learn and they love healthy competition!

Some of the features in the Spelling Bee Toolbox are:

  • 620 Words and Sentences
  • Rules for 3 different kinds of beesSpelling Bee Toolbox
  • Color and B/W award certificates
  • Recorder’s chart
  • Instructions for all spelling bee officials
  • Organizational checklist
  • List of 100 study words for students
  • Worksheets for extra practice
  • Spelling rules, games and activities
  • Sample press release and parent letter

Searching the internet for all that you need would take hours!  You don’t have extra hours!  I have been a teacher; I know how valuable your time is to you!!

Spelling Bee Toolbox

A spelling bee is an event that is exciting, fun and a learning experience as well.  Invite your local news reporter.  This is something the community will enjoy hearing about and it will give the students involved a thrill.  Maybe there will be even more students interested in participating in following years!