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Reasons Why to Learn ASL

  • Possibly you know someone who is deaf.
  • It’s something that’s interested you for a long time.
  • You want to teach your baby the basics and to communicate before he/she can talk.
  • Maybe you’ve decided to volunteer

Regardless of why you’d like to learn, it is a wise decision.  There are over 28 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans in the United States.  American Sign Language or ASL is the official language of the American Deaf Community.  It’s estimated that 2 million use ASL as their main form of communication in the U.S. alone.  It’s also the primary Sign Language in most of North America, and is practiced as a secondary Sign Language in many parts of the world.

A Language Like Any Other

All spoken languages have a grammatical structure and Sign Language also has its own grammatical “ins and outs.”  ASL has its own structure, grammar and vocabulary.  In ASL, words and concepts aren’t solely conveyed through signing.  There’s also a significant importance in “how” you sign to achieve the right meaning.  These are the three main components of signing:

  • Gesturally through hand and body movements
  • Spatially by utilizing the “signing space”
  • Visually as the eyes are key in taking it all in

When starting this course, after an initial introduction, you will work on learning and firming up your ASL skills.  Videos and practice exercises will reinforce your lessons and you can always work at your own pace.