Too Many of Us Neglect Our

Health and Fitness

We need to make health and fitness a priority.  Incorporating healthier practices into our daily lives and taking action to improve our fitness every day both are so important.  It may sound impossible . . . but it really isn’t that hard to do.

Our health is probably the one area that can change your quality of life faster than anything.  Proper nutrition is the key to living healthier, better, fuller and longer lives.  Health and fitness can be enhanced or depleted by our diets.  Learn what you can about nutrition.

Avoid GMOs

Be aware of current causes to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and processed foods.  So much of our produce has been treated so that the tomatoes are red and last longer and look better in the bins at the grocery store.  Oranges are a more vibrant orange than they would be in their untreated state and less appealing to the shopper.  Could that be just that we are conditioned to the way we expect the produce to look.  Carrots are not tiny and peeled and uniform in size and shape in their natural state.

We are getting more educated and more aware largely because of social media, reading about how our food is being processed, how our packaged products have harmful ingredients in them (sugar, corn syrup for example) to make them taste better, sweeter.  But may be making us sicker, fatter and unhealthy.

Think about it.  Think hard about it, and read what you can about all of the things I’ve mentioned . . . and more!

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 Get healthier, stay fit!  You know you want to.  You want your family members, including your pets, to get healthier too!